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2 Important Questions before You Book Halal Catering

On the face of it, most halal catering companies look almost similar. The devil, however, is in the details. For instance, small details like whether the company accepts last-minute orders can make a huge difference.


Long story short, you as a host should take proactive steps to dig up any hidden truth. To that end, your greatest tool is questions. Here are the two important questions you must ask before hiring a halal caterer in Singapore.


1. Are you certified?

It’s a no-brainer. If you are planning to order halal foods, you should book a halal-certified caterer. Likewise, it is always a good idea to check if the caterer has bizSAFE3 and HACCP certifications and whether they follow the National Environment Agency (NEA) guidelines to a T.


If your caterer ticks all the above boxes, you can rely on them to provide you safe and healthy foods. By the way, Continental Delight is the first halal-certified caterer in Singapore; and we hold stellar reputation in following the government guidelines.


2. Do you have any delivery charges?

Typically, most halal catering companies in Singapore would levy a deliver fee on top the total food price. So, a little research is of paramount importance. The good news is some companies offer free delivery for all orders above a certain amount.


For instance, Continental Delight does not charge you any for transportation or delivery for orders above $600. For orders below $600, however, a small fee of $60 (plus GT) is chargeable. Also, if your event venue is far away from the main city or doesn’t have a lift or elevator, additional delivery charges could be applicable.


Similarly, there could be additional charges for early morning deliveries. At Continental Delight, we charge $150 (plus GST) for deliveries before 7:30 am.


These are important to know but there are a few more questions you should ask your caterer. We’ll cover them in the next article.