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2 More Catering Mistakes to Avoid when Planning Your Event

No matter the nature of your event (formal or causal); what often determines its fate is the quality of your food catering. No wonder people in Singapore are sincere about booking the right halal food catering Singapore. However, just hiring a good halal catering isn’t enough. It is also important that you avoid the following three common mistakes.

1. Messing up the communication

Just because you’re planning to hire halal food catering doesn’t mean you can leave it completely on them. You still have to oversee, communicate and discuss with them. In fact, you as a host need to make most of the major decisions about your food catering. Will you prefer buffet or seated meals? What items will you include in your menu? Do some guests have special dietary requirements? To avoid any last-minute catering hiccups, you need to communicate clearly with your caterer.

2. Not asking about additional services

Good catering is not just about food. Knowing how your caterer will help you with cutlery and table arrangements is also important. Not all caterers offer tables on rent. Or there could be some additional charges for any additional services. As a host, you should ask your caterer about these things before signing a contract with them.