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2 More Reasons You Should Invest in Catered Team Lunches

Did you know that the average lunch break duration in Singapore offices is 60 minutes? Now imagine how much you can accomplish in terms of team bonding and social interactions in that one hour! To make the most of that time, companies like Razer, Carousell and Circles.


Life provide free lunches to their team from time to time. You can do that same for your team. Just contact your favorite halal catering company in Singapore and order bento boxes for your team. However, if you are still on the fence, read this to know the benefits of catered team lunches.


1. It helps foster collaboration

True collaboration happens when your team members know each other, their strengths and weaknesses. That is not possible until you establish a work culture where everyone can speak their mind, interact freely with their boss, share ideas and air their grievances.


As a means to that end, you should encourage your team to eat together every day at a fixed time on-site. Better yet, take the initiative by ordering team lunches from an acclaimed halal catering company in Singapore.


2. It promotes healthy eating

When you order lunch for your team, you have the option of ordering healthy foods. That way, your employees develop healthy eating habits. Also, when they take a lunch break for the express purpose of eating, it helps them be more mindful of what they are eating. Studies show that mindful eating curbs the craving for binge eating.


Thankfully, there is no lack of options for healthier menus in Singapore. At Continental Delight, we provide healthier deluxe and healthier premium bento.


For instance, you can order steamed mixed grain rice, seasonal vegetables, braised black pepper chicken, steamed Assam fish with nanas, braised egg bean curd, deep fried Thai fish cake and mineral water, to name but a few.