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2 Things Your Caterer Wishes You Knew

When it comes to planning a catered event, a few tips from your caterer can go a long way. Expert caterers know what could go wrong and what you should do in order to maximize your odds of success! 


In fact, they often wish their clients knew a few things before booking halal food catering services. So, what are those things? Let’s explore!


1. Consider this before ordering different varieties of the same food

Don’t get this wrong! We love variety; who doesn’t? If you want to order two different types of fish or meat items for each guest, go ahead!


But if you are ordering dory fish fillet for 50% of your guests and Assam fish fillet for the other 50%, stop and think. Maybe you think that having two varieties will allow your guests to choose which one they want to eat.


But often, people will try both varieties, resulting in a shortage of fish items for the latecomers. So, either order one type of fish or both types, but make sure you order each type for all your guests.


However, mixing and matching your rice items or noodles is often a safe bet. That’s because most people have strict restrictions on how much carbohydrates they want to intake.


2. Takeaways are prohibited

The National Environment Agency (NEA) advises against consuming any foods cooked earlier than 4 hours. In reality, it takes around 1.5 hours for us to deliver the cooked food at your venue.


That means you only have around 2 hours to serve the food items upon their arrival. Evidently, this leaves you with little or no room to allow for takeaways.


If you allow your guests to take away the leftover foods, you’ll be responsible for any health hazards that they might have to suffer as a result of consuming cooked foods older than 4 hours.