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3 Basic Tips to Plan a Perfect Office Holiday Party

Imagine being the head of the planning committee for your office holiday party this year. How exhausting would that be to look into the tiny little details of decoration, food, and halal catering?

We understand it could be challenging to plan something for everyone. But here’s the good news! With the support of an efficient and experienced halal food catering company, you can successfully pull off a party that everyone would cherish and appreciate. So, here are three basic tips to plan a perfect office holiday party.

1. Settle on a date

Since many people are attending this event, it could be tough to set a date that everyone agrees with. The best you can do is set the date early, so that invitees can save the date before it gets booked in their calendar. Another good idea would be to start with two or three date options and then narrow down to one, depending on most people’s availability.

2. Get a venue

The second most important job is to pick a venue option depending on your budget. Renting a venue at the eleventh hour could be tricky. Popular options are probably already booked. Even if you find a good option, the rent could be sky-high. Alternatively, you can use the space in your office itself. All you need is to decorate the space and your caterer can help you in this.

3. Select a caterer

It can be very challenging to decide what food everyone would like and how you would arrange all that. It is always a good idea to hire one of the acclaimed halal food catering services for the job.  You can still have your say in deciding the menu. Be sure to include some unique dishes, such as locally-sourced blackened squid with green papaya salsa and thai green curry penne with smoked duck & lychee.