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3 Hygiene Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Finding the right halal food catering service for your party could be a daunting task, if only for the large number of options available out there. Assuming that you are able to decide on one, but is this caterer really the right one?

It is very important for you to ensure that your caterer is not only giving you the best price and taste but is also following all the rules and regulations provided by the government. Hygiene has to be your number one priority while placing an order, especially in times that we are living in today. But it can be hard to figure out if the caterer is taking hygiene seriously or not. So here are three hygiene questions you must ask your caterer.

1. Does the caterer follow the NEA guidelines?

The NEA, short for National Environment Agency has specific guidelines for food companies. Make sure your caterer follows those instructions to a T. Hygiene-conscious caterers often also implement the HACCP system. HACCP stands for hazard analysis and critical control points. It is a globally recognized system for managing food safety.

2. What about the food quality?

This does not only include the taste, but more importantly the process of preparation. Does the caterer ensure that the meat is cleaned thoroughly and stored in prescribed temperatures? Ask your caterer about the quality of meat used. Some fly-by-nigh caterers use cheap quality meat to cut their costs. You can also ask your caterer questions like the name of the slaughter house from which they purchase the halal meat. You can then do your own research on that slaughterhouse.

3. Do they use fresh meat?

Many times, especially during periods of low demand, caterers tend to store the meat for longer durations to save money. This can prove to be fatal. Ask your caterer the age of the meat they use. The fresher the meat is, the better it is. Make sure that the caterer is not using old meat.