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3 Kid-friendly Catering Tips for Your Next Family Event

Kids are the lifeblood of any family event - be it a birthday party or a wedding reception. Many hosts don’t think this way, but if you can win the kids in your event, you are almost guaranteed to win their parents. 

However, given the fickle nature of children and teens, it is not going to be easy to impress them in your next family event. To win their hearts, you first need to delight their taste buds. That’s exactly why hiring a good halal food catering should be you first step. Here are some tips to cater to the kids in your next family event.

1. Offer a variety of foods

Not all kids are created equal. Not everyone likes the same type of food. The only way to impress all of them is by offering enough variety in your menu options. Some kids may love chicken dishes; some may have a sweet tooth, while others may like vegetarian dishes. The more variety you have, the higher is your chance of success.

2. Be creative with your food decoration

It’s not just the taste of your foods, but also the look and feel of them. This is true for adults, but even more so for kids. Decorate your dishes and try to make them look as colorful as possible. Let your creative juices flow and see how easy it is to make the little ones happy. For instance, you can decorate your salads to make them look like a smiling face.

3. Focus on their convenience  

Kids love foods that are easy to hold, chew and swallow. If they can eat a food item while playing, talking or laughing, that’s the kind of food they prefer. So make sure you serve foods that are easy to eat. For instance, you can serve them finger foods or cupcakes.

If you are not sure what foods to serve to the kids in your next event, consider hiring a halal catering company that has years of experience catering kids-friendly food items.