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3 More Advantages of Buffet Catering

When booking halal food catering in Singapore, you need to specify your meal type. There are mainly two choices – buffet and plated meals. One option isn’t better than another, but buffet is more suitable for casual events and social gatherings.

If not for anything else, you’ll like your buffet for the kind of look it offers. In the previous post, we touched upon some major benefits of buffet. Here are 3 more benefits of buffet catering.

1. More cost effective

The self-service concept of buffet means that you’ll need fewer serving staff, tableware and other serving items. This will save you money on your halal food catering services. This also saves time because unlike plated meals, buffet allows many people to eat at once. Time is money, so buffet catering is often more cost effective than a seated dinner. Another good thing about buffet is that it allows your guests to choose what and how much they want to eat. This helps avoid food wastage and saves a lot of your heard-earned money.

2. Visually more attractive

A well-decorated buffet makes your event venue look more attractive. Typically, your caterer will have a separate section for each food type. For instance, they may have one section for vegetables, one for deserts and another for non-veg halal foods. Some caterers may even make a live food station for your guests. Overall, you’ll love the look for your buffet. Plus, it’ll serve as the point of focus in your event venue, making it easier to decorate the place.

3. Caters to every dietary requirement

You may have guests with special dietary requirements. For instance, some guests may ask for gluten-free foods, halal foods or vegetarian foods. With buffet catering, tackling special dietary requirements would be easier. Just inform your caterer about any special requirements well in advance.