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3 More Changes That That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Catered Event

People often fail to pay attention to the small details when planning a catered event. Are you making the same mistake? Maybe you have already hired halal catering, booked the event venue and invited your guests. So now you can just relax and watch, right?

Not always! Unless you are working with a very reliable halal caterer, you may still need some involvement during the course of preparation. Mainly, you need to look at the small details and see if you can come up with some new, innovative ideas for your upcoming catered event. Here are 3 more changes worth your consideration.

1. Consider the serving order

How you arrange your foods on the buffet table can make a huge difference. If you are offering plated dinner, consider the order in which you want to serve your foods. So first ask your halal catering company what foods they serve first. Now think if you want to change that serving order or arrangement. For instance, you may want to serve the less expensive foods first. That way, your guests will be almost full by the time the reach the more expensive menus.

2. Consider cleaning arrangements

Typically, your caterer will take care of the cleaning but you should still have a look at the system. Do they place enough trash cans to avoid littering in the event venue? What steps they take to keep the venue clutter-free? Once you review their existing system, now you can suggest them certain ideas, if required.

3. Keep hot and cold foods separate

Your catering menu will probably consist of some hot foods and some cold foods. Ideally, you should keep all the hot foods together. Similarly, the cold foods should be kept in a separate table. Your guests will also like this arrangement. See if your caterer makes this arrangement. If not, request them to do so.