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3 More Considerations When Booking Your Wedding Caterer

If you are in the throes of deciding your wedding menu and looking for one of the best halal food catering Singapore, you are not alone. As with all good things in life, good wedding caterers are few and far between.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot find one. All you need is to consider a few things when selecting a caterer. We’ve covered a few considerations in an earlier post. In this post, we’ll share with you 3 more considerations when booking your wedding caterer.

1. Menu options

Almost every caterer has some standard menu options to choose from. Some caterers also accept custom orders. So if you have any specific dishes in mind, you need check with your caterer whether they specialize in that cuisine. Depending on your guest list, you may want to order vegetarian foods, halal foods, gluten-free recipes or all of them. Once you’ve your requirements squared away, now you can talk to your caterer and decide. 

2. Server-to-guest ratio

Remember, your wedding caterer does more than just cooking tasty foods. They also serve foods and their behavior with your guests can make a difference. Not having enough serving staff is a common issue. So check the server-to-guest ratio of your halal catering. Ideally, buffets need less serving staff than plated meals. For instance, one server per 20 guests is enough for a buffet, but plated meals will need at least 2 serving staff per 20 guests.

3. Bookings

How many other bookings they have on your wedding day? This is one question you must ask. Having multiple bookings on the same day typically means that your event will get less attention. But some caters may have a large team and sufficient resources to handle multiple events on the same day. So check that before signing a contract.