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3 More Healthy Catering Tips for Your Next Event

If you want to offer a healthy event experience to your guests, you should make sure that you are choosing the right halal food catering for the job. Just hiring any halal catering in Singapore wouldn’t help. Check whether the caterer offer enough healthy menu choices. For instance, some caterers would offer 12 or more courses of healthy food items in a single package. You’ll also find caterers that offer healthier bento.

We’ve already covered a few tips for healthy catering. Here are some more ideas on how to plan your catering to provide a healthy event experience to your guests.

1. Serve fruits and veggies first

If you are planning to offer plated meals, then consider serving the healthier menus first. If on the other hand, you are planning a buffet catering, then place your fruits and veggie items first in the line. That way, your guests are more likely to consume more fruits and vegetables. If you do the opposite, then they could be full by the time they reach the fruits and vegetable items in the buffet line.

2. Make the healthier dishes look attractive

How you decorate your healthier dishes can make a real difference. People get naturally attracted to visually attractive dishes. Even when you are serving them fruits and vegetables, try to decorate the plate in a way that catches immediate attention. For instance, you can ask your caterer to create attractive-looking veggie charcuterie. Or consider serving your healthier food items in a visually appealing plate.

3. Remove salt and sauces from the table

Consuming too much salt and sauces can cause health problems. So consider removing salt and sauces from the serving table; and offer them to your guests only upon request. Another good idea would be to allow your event attendees to make their own salad. That way, they can have full control over how much salt and sauces they want to intake.