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3 More Hygiene Questions to Ask Your Caterer

As a buyer, you must ask your halal catering company certain important questions regarding their hygiene practices. Reliable caterers will never shy away from your questions. If they do so, consider it as a red flag. As mentioned earlier, hygiene has to be the top priority of your caterer. Here are a few more questions that you might want to ask before finalizing the deal with your caterer.

1. Quality of Raw Materials

Ask your caterer the quality of raw materials they use while cooking the food. Materials like oil, spices etc should be of high quality to ensure that the food is safe to consume. Using substandard raw materials is not at all hygienic and can harm the consumers. So ensure that the caterer uses raw materials of the best quality.

2. Does the staff maintain hygiene?

You must also ask your caterer about the hygiene practices of their staffers. Do they follow certain hygiene guidelines, for instance, do they wear gloves and head covers? Do they wash the dishes and utensils regularly? Do they keep cooked and uncooked meat in separate dishes? And most importantly, does your halal catering company serve food in clean and premium-quality serving dishes? You need to ensure that all of the above points are strictly followed so that the food is safe to consume.

3. Background check

This is a very important thing to consider when deciding which halal catering to pick for your party. On the face of it, everyone presents themselves as the best. But you need to do a background check. Check out their websites, social media handles etc in order to see their work. Ask the caterer questions, such and how many events they cover in a year. Nowadays, we have something called Google reviews. Check out their review to get a better insight.