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3 More Menu Ideas for a Corporate Event

One cannot stress enough on the importance of the quality and variety of foods served at a corporate event. Even so, most organizations go down the beaten path in terms of their menus, not spending enough time on coming up with a selection that truly reflects their brand and wins their customers and employees alike. Here are three more halal catering menu ideas for a corporate event:

1. Know your attendees

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your halal food catering provider and menu items. If you are holding a product launch or an event where the guests are potential clients from affluent backgrounds, it is probably a good idea to call for personalized butler service. Also, opting for a premium instead of a value menu is a good investment to make in this case. Continental Delight has four variations in their 16-course Premium Tea Menu with a wide variety of beverages, appetizers, main course options, dim sums, cakes and desserts.

2. Be mindful of sensibilities and dietary restrictions

Guests from certain communities may have religious or cultural restrictions on meat preparation, so make sure you go for catering that is halal-certified. Attendees may also be gluten-intolerant or vegetarian, so enquire with your caterer if they have enough options in these categories. The caterer may want to know about your preferences well in advance. If you organize a large event with more than 100 attendees, it would be a good idea to take a survey on the dietary restrictions of your attendees.

3. Consider offering healthy bento boxes

There’s nothing more impressive than an organizer putting thought into the health and wellness of the guests at their corporate event. Acclaimed halal food catering services often provide bento boxes with lip-smacking, healthy options like brown rice, varieties of steamed fish, steamed and braised eggs, and fish and tofu-based side dishes. A healthy menu is also likely to boost the productivity of your guests throughout the day.