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3 More Menu Selection Tips for Corporate Events

Great foods play a big role in ensuring a memorable experience to your corporate guests. So just hiring any halal food catering may not be a good idea. Make sure you hire a professional caterer that offers many food options to choose from.  

In our last article we provided advice on the primary points to take care of when selecting a menu. Prioritizing the quality of the food and remembering to include vital services (such as halal catering) all made the list. Here are three more tips to give your event that extra-special touch of professionalism.

1. Popping THAT big question… buffet or table-served?

This is one of the many hurdles that event organizers come across when planning an event. How to serve the food? Such a simple decision can have a momentous impact on the event itself; here’s why.

If there are specific people who are required to talk to each other for a long period of time, go table-served. This means they will have more time to converse and discuss the important stuff.

If you want a general mingling of guests for a more networking-centric event, go with a buffet service. This means that they are much more likely to chat with a range of guests at the event.

2. 8:00pm meeting? You better not be serving Kaya toast!

It goes (almost) without saying: choose and take into account what time of day the event will take place. Nothing says unprofessional like an unsuitable selection of food. In the mornings people want to drink tea and coffee; in the evenings, maybe something a little stronger.

3. Keep it in season

In our last article, we mentioned the importance of food according to the time of day, but an expert organizer with an eye for detail will also take note of the season. For instance, if you’ve scheduled your event on a hot summer day, you perhaps should serving red meat or any spicy foods. If, however, your event lands on a winter day, consider providing winter-specific seasonal dishes.