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3 More Pro Level Tips for Planning a Catered New Year Party

The only sad thing about holidays is they end. But don’t you want end it with a bang?

When it comes to planning a catered New Year party, however, things can get a little tricky. The last week of the year passes really fast. If you are not careful, you can find yourself preparing for the New Year party at the eleventh hour.

In addition to booking your halal food catering in advance, selecting the music tracks you want to play and inviting your guests, you have a lot more to do to make your party stand out. Here are some advanced tips for planning a catered New Year party.

1. Fun activities

First of all, consider what activities you want to plan for the party. Music and dancing are a staple for any New Year party. But what other activities are you planning? For instance, you can set up a photo booth with interesting frames and props to entertain the guests while creating some memories. Don’t bother hiring a photographer just assign someone from your guests to take care of the photography for the party.  And do not forget the final countdown! There are many ways to make it interesting. You can even ask your invitees to give good ideas on how to plan the final countdown.

2. Menu

Deciding a halal caterer might be it, but choosing a menu still requires some pro tips. First of all, choose items from various food types which would be appealing to almost everyone. That was, you can make sure everyone gets something they want. Check for food allergies for your guests and plan your menu accordingly. Add a good range of non-alcoholic beverages to keep the party smooth.

3. Extras

Moving on, a party should always have something extra, like a cherry on top of a cake, or like a secret spell up magician’s sleeve. To make the party memorable, for instance, you can create small souvenirs and hand them out to the participants. These can include some snacks and sweets, such as miso walnut blondie squares, matcha goma yule log, chocolates, dry fruits or little decorative pieces.