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3 More Qualities of a Good Singapore Caterer

Though good foods form the core of catering, it is ably supplemented by various other factors, such as, efficient service, customized menu options, and the ability to handle last-minute orders. A good halal catering company in Singapore must have a few essential qualities. We touched upon some of the qualities in an earlier post. Here are 3 more must-have qualities of a good halal food catering company in Singapore.

1. Stellar Service

Be it a buffet table or a plated dinner, the servers should make sure that guests have no inconvenience with dining. Service, however, isn’t restricted to the servers at the event bringing the food to your guests’ plates. It also includes customer service and how the company’s representatives talk to the client. They should be open to offer custom menus. Good caterers also try to address any additional demands of their clients, such as, skirting and tablecloths in colors that go with the décor of the venue.

2. Ability to handle situations

One can never be too sure of smooth sailing in an event, especially when it comes to catering. That is precisely where a good caterer steps in with suggestions and resolutions in the case of sudden crises or things not turning out according to plan. They substitute dishes on the menu, accommodate last-minute changes and late buffet collection, deliver for early morning events and provide halal food catering services at short notice.

3. Experience and Knowledge of the Industry

The longer a company has been in business, the more reliable they are. An experienced caterer can provide insights and ideas that go beyond food. Their service is quick and their staff, efficient and calm under pressure. They also know your guests’ palate better than their rookie peers, and have various menu options to suit a wide variety of events. However, the same can’t be said of a restaurant that has been in business for decades — catering is a niche area that needs deep understanding of the business.