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3 More Questions To Ask Your Caterer During Food Tasting

Choosing menu for a catered event could be exciting yet challenging. Most halal catering companies nowadays offer a wide selection of menus to choose from, making the job of choosing even more difficult for you. But don’t worry! Once you have narrowed down your options, you can ask your caterer to organize a food tasting session for you. During the session, you can taste each potential dish and decide on them. Meanwhile, a food tasting session gives you a chance to ask questions that you would not other ask your caterer. We already shared a few example questions. Here are some more questions.

1. Will the food you are serving today look and taste the same on the big day?

The answer is often a “yes,” but you should not stop there. Ask some related questions to know the ‘real’ answer. Will they cook food in the same kitchen? Will they use the same ingredients? Will the same chef prepare food on the big day? Will the serving size and appearance of the food remain the same? These are some important follow-up questions you should ask to get to the bottom of their answer.

2. Will you customize the menu to our event theme, if asked?

If you are planning to host a theme based party, you may want your food items to look or taste a certain way. If so, you should ask this question during your taste testing session. For instance, you may want to add your company logo on the cakes or muffins. Make sure you and your caterer are on the same page about any such requirements.

3. What sweet treats do you offer besides cakes?

This is an important question to ask your caterer, especially if you are hosting a tea reception. Acclaimed caterers usually offer a wide variety of sweet options, such as, mini cream puff, assorted mini fruit tartlets, and tropical fresh fruit platter.