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3 More Questions before You Book Halal Food Catering

Asking questions is critical to decision-making. For instance, you should ask questions when deciding on a halal caterer. However, knowing what to ask could be a challenge.


As an industry insider, we know what questions are important to ask your potential halal food catering provider. In the previous article, we touched upon two of the most important questions to ask your caterer before ordering food from them. Here are some more questions.


1. What is your usual turnaround time for buffet orders?


Processing buffet orders take time! Typically, you should place your buffet order at least 3 days in advance. Depending on the number of guests, event venue and your menu choices, your caterer may even need more time than 3 days.


So, it is always a good idea to ask your halal food catering company what turnaround time they usually offer.


2. Do you accept last-minute changes?


In the same breath, you may also want to ask if they entertain any last-minute order change requests. Another important thing to know is whether they accept last minute catering orders. Usually, you need to inform any changes to your event schedule at least two days in advance.


There could be some charges for cancelling an event one or two day before the scheduled event date. Similarly, even if your caterer accepts your buffet order at the eleventh hour, know that there could be addition charges applicable to your order.


3. Do you offer table setup?


Most companies will charge extra for table setup and decoration. Also, you need to pay extra for renting the tables and chairs. So, don’t assume anything. Ask exactly what you need to pay for what.


For instance, we don’t provide table setup for packet meal orders and mini buffet orders. However, we do provide skirting or tablecloth. You can even request for skirting of your favorite color.