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3 More Things Your Caterer Wishes You Knew

Whether you want to save money on halal catering or avoid any catering mistakes, all you need is good advice from an industry insider. With a little nudge in the right direction, your caterer can help you make more informed decisions.


In fact, expert caterers wish their clients knew a few basics of catering from the get-go. We already shared a few tips in the previous article. Here are some more ideas.


1. Live stations aren’t a one-size-fits-all

Not every event venue is perfect for a live food station. There could be restrictions on open-fire cooking in your venue. So, before you consider setting up a live station, check with the venue manager for permission and restrictions.


Also, if you go for a live station, keeping the venue clean could be more challenging. Ask your caterer if they could take care of the cleanliness during your event.


2. Expect more food wastage in a buffet

People tend take more food when they serve themselves. That’s exactly why buffets are one the largest sources food waste in catered events. In comparison, your serving staff has some control over how much they’d serve to your guests in a seated dinner.


Finally, if you choose to order bento boxes, you can expect little to no food wastage. So, if you are planning to order buffet for your event, check whether your caterer offers a buffer to cover any food wastage.


3. Tea menus are different

Whether you are ordering a high tea menu or a premium team menu, you’ll find that tea means typically don’t include a traditional meat or vegetable course.   Instead, you can choose from a wide variety of finger foods, appetizers, cakes and desserts.  


For instance, we offer tangy coleslaw, tuna finger sandwiches and assorted finger sandwiches in the appetizer section. Our premium savory section offer a wide variety of chicken snacks, such as honey baked mini chicken drumlet and deep-fried chicken mid-wing.