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3 More Tips for Arranging Your Food Catering Area

Granted, halal food catering is all about food and taste buds, but how you arrange the food can also have a serious impact on the overall experience. So leaving it all to your halal catering company may be a good idea (your inputs matters too). 

In our previous article, we already shared some tips on this topic. But here are some more tips and ideas to help you arrange your food catering area. 

1. Separate out the food items 

Good arrangement is when people don’t have to ask anyone to find out what they want to eat. To that end, you may want to separate out your beverages, main course, side dishes and desert. Chances are that your halal food catering service will already do that for you. But if they don’t, you can request them to assign a dedicated table for each type of food. Even better, if they can label the tables and food items, so your guests can easily find and navigate between them. 

2. Keep the napkins and waste bins handy 

Make sure your halal caterer keeps enough napkins and a place to dump the left-over food to avoid any issues later. Also, make sure that the waiters dispose of any used utensils.  Have a trash can handy for discarded food and napkins.

3. Refilling


The serving staff should always keep an eye on the dishes that need refilling. It can be an issue if there is no food reserved. So it is a good idea to have some food stored in the kitchen in case of any emergency. You never know that the guests find the red velvet cake very delicious and want to go for a second helping. In this case, you can serve smaller portions of the cake so that it doesn’t go out of your budget. You can also put the cheaper things at the front and the expensive ones towards the end. This will create a potpourri of edibles and even help you keep an eye on the budget.