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3 More Tips for Choosing a Halal Caterer Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Contrary to a popular misconception, it is actually possible to contain the spreading of coronavirus through proper food safety and hygiene practices, said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organization.

You don’t necessarily need to cancel or postpone your events for fear of coronavirus. In fact, if you can choose the right halal food catering and follow some good hygiene practices, it is possible to host a worry-free event. Here are 3 more tips for choosing a reliable halal caterer amid coronavirus outbreak.

1. Conducting temperature screening

Make sure your halal food catering company conducts temperature screening on their staffers multiple times through the day. That way, they can identify anyone with a fever and deny their access to work immediately. Ideally, no staffer with a fever or runny nose should be allowed to prepare or serve foods in the event. At Continental Delight, we conduct regular thermal screening and don’t allow anyone who is sick (or has been sick in the past few days) to work with us.

2. Wearing masks on the job

Your halal caterer should make it mandatory for their employees to wear a mask on the job. We have a strict policy around wearing masks. We also keep our staffers aware of the hygiene best practices as recommended by the MOH or other reputable organizations. For instance, our staffers wash their hands even before wearing gloves. We have also implemented a no-handshake policy for our staffers – all to prevent any possible transmission of coronavirus.

3. Keeping the venue clean and dry

A reliable halal caterer will also take the necessary steps to create and maintain a sanitary environment in the event venue. To that end, your caterer should clean and disinfect the venue frequently. More importantly, they should try to keep the commonly-used areas dry. Remember, wet surfaces typically provide a safe haven for any virus to thrive and multiply.