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3 More Tips for Finding a Singapore Wedding Caterer in the Time of COVID-19

Granted, it is not easy to organize a wedding event in the time of coronavirus, but with a little planning you can make the job easier and less hassled. One way to deal with the situation is to hire professionals who take sensible precautions and follow the government advisory guidelines for organizing a wedding or public function. To that end, you should book a reliable halal catering company to handle the food preparation and serving at your event. So, what to look for in a Singapore wedding caterer, especially in the light of the COVID-19 outbreak? We have already shared some tips in the previous article. Here are some more tips.

1. Consider menu options

Just because you are hosting your wedding event in challenging times doesn’t mean you should compromise on the quality and taste of the food. Your wedding menu should have enough variety to satiate every taste bud. For instance, you may want to include a seafood recipe in the menu. So check what seafood options your caterer offers. At Continental Delight, we offer 1) grilled butter garlic prawn with herb, 2) oven baked Japanese Teriyaki salmon fitter, and 3) steam minced meat & scallop on shell topped with chili sauce.

2. Bento boxes

Another import thing to consider is if the caterer offers bento boxes. In the time of COVID-19, you may want to serve your guests bento packs instead of the traditional buffet or seated meals. That way, it would be easier to maintain social distancing while serving food to your guests. At Continental Delight, we offer healthier bento packs, which include mixed grain or brown rice, seasonal vegetables, and a variety of chicken, egg and fish recipes.

3. Consider cost and hidden charges

Finally, choose a caterer that offers a full wedding food catering package at reasonable pricing. Check if the package includes serving staff and table decoration services. Also, read the terms and conditions minutely before signing a contract. Be wary of any hidden charges.