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3 More Tips for Hosting a Tea Party Wedding

One great quality of a tea party is that you can customize it to suit almost any event. Whether you are planning to organize a graduation day party, a baby shower or a wedding day party, you can never go wrong with a classic tea party.

When it comes to hosting a tea party wedding, however, just serving tea and finger foods may not suffice. Choose a halal food catering company that offers a wide variety of starter, main course and menu options, along with tea and coffee. We shared some tips on how to host an unforgettable tea party wedding in our previous article. Here are some more tips.

1. Make your table decoration stand out

Flowers and candles are a staple of tea party décor, but you want to make your decorations more gorgeous and colorful. To that end, consider using bunting or rows of small colored flags. Also, decorate your tea tables with uncommon, flamboyant flowers to set the mood right. Using contemporary tableware along with vintage tea cups is another great way to set your décor apart from typical tea table decorations. Some halal catering companies offer assistance with table decoration.

2. Choose a package deal

 When booking halal food catering services for your wedding tea reception, make sure the vendor has a wide variety of menu packages. For instance, Continental Delight offers four different types of premium tea menu packages, making it easier for you to choose a package that suits your budget and other requirements. Our “Premium Tea Menu A” offers 10 courses, while our “Premium Tea Menu D” comes with 16 courses.

3. Enjoy the moment

Once you’ve hired a professional caterer like Continental Delight, now it’s our job to give your guests an unforgettable tea party experience – an experience that they’ll cherish for years to come. So take the load off and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest rather than constantly worrying about whether your guests are being fed the right way.