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3 More Tips for Last-minute Party Planning

As much as you know the benefits of planning early, sometimes you simply can’t get your ducks in a row until the last minute. So what to do when you are late on your party planning?

Aside from booking an acclaimed halal food catering company, you need to set your budget, fix a date and time for the event and choose your menu options wisely. We talked about these points in detail in our previous article. But there are more ways to speed up your party planning.  Here are 3 more tips.

1. Decide on the event type

Once you’ve booked your venue and halal catering; now it’s time to decide the event type. Depending on your budget and how much time left for preparation, you may want to choose a buffet over a sit-down dinner or a tea party over a full meal. When choosing the event type, don’t just consider foods. You can save time and money on your party décor, staffing and entertainment as well. That brings us to the next point.

2. Embrace minimalism in party décor

Minimalism is all the rage these days. Why not use this trend to get more creative with your event venue decoration. People often think spending more money on table and venue decoration will automatically make their party venue look more gorgeous. But the truth is that a little innovative thinking can go a long way. When you are late on party planning, it is always a good idea to embrace the “less is more” idea, if only to save your time.

3. Send invites ASAP

Just because you’re yet to finalize your venue or menu options doesn’t mean you cannot send invites. If you invite your guests at the eleventh hour, many of them may already be booked for something. So send an invite as early as possible. Just mentioning the date and occasion would be enough. You can send the other details later.