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3 More Tips for Throwing a Catered Party in a Small Apartment

When you are planning to host a big party in your small apartment, a little bit of mental reframing can really help. Instead of complaining about the lack of space, consider these tips.

1. Do a mental reframing

Do people really enjoy a party just because the venue is spacious? What is the last family gathering you attended and enjoyed to the fullest? And what worked for you at that party? Was it the food, the sitting together, the gossiping? Or was it the space? If you are like most people, you’ll enjoy a party for the sheer company of your friend and family. At the most, people want good foods from a halal food catering service. If all of those are good, people wouldn’t mind even rubbing elbows with other guests? They will still enjoy the party. 

2. Have a dedicated space for the guests’ stuff

Depending on how many people you invite, the bags and coats of your guests could take a lot of space in your already-crammed apartment. One good idea is to assign them a fixed place for keeping all the stuff. That way, you can avoid chaos and clutter to a large extent. Another good idea would be to allow your guests to have their shoes on. Can you imagine how much you can save just with this one single decision? (Hint: it’s a lot)

3. Get the foods ready beforehand

You don’t want to panic about food arrival at the last minute. So, request your halal catering company to prepare the food items a little earlier than they’d do in a formal event. Make sure you choose menus that are easy to prepare. The last thing you want is to get busy with arranging food for your guests rather than spending enough time with them – which is why they’ve come to your party, after all.