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3 More Tips for an Unforgettable Tea Party

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, your kid’s birthday, a celebration for their good grades at school, or you were just looking for an excuse to get together with your friends, a tea party suits almost every occasion.

Tea parties can get a little overwhelming to plan out perfectly owing to the sheer amount of details that must be taken care of. But don't worry; a halal food catering service can help you out. And by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what things need your special attention. 

1. Waiters and Help

It’s always a very good idea to request the halal catering service for waiters to help around with serving the food. If it’s a big party, you’ll stay occupied with serving and won’t get enough time to socialize with your friends and family. The tea party is meant to be relaxing and fun, so don’t stress yourself over petty things and let the halal food catering take the stress for you! 

2. The Theme

Are you going to go for a pink theme for a tea party with your girlfriends or do you need balloons and lightning for the children’s tea party? The colors of your table cloth, crockery, napkins, background, décor, and flowers will make up the theme of the party. Even your guests’ party frocks can be adjusted to the color of the theme. Talk to your halal food catering service and finalize the theme beforehand. 

3. The Ambiance

Now, most people will not plan out the ambiance of the party but without taking care of this, you can’t have an unforgettable party. Light background music can add to the ambiance of your vintage tea party. Have a playlist of relaxing music ready so that you don’t have any last-minute issues. Soft but bright lighting can give a completely different touch to your party.