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3 More Tips to Reduce Food Waste at Catered Events

Chances are you never attended a catered event that ran out of food. That’s because people tend to order food for more guests than expected.


According to a recent study by the NEA, around 40% of the hosts over-cater for their guests. It is easy to see why food waste is a national talking point these days.


Before booking halal catering for your event, here’s one thing you need to know. You cannot avoid food waste but you can minimize it.  We already shared some tips on how to reduce food waste. Here are some more tips.


1. Consider the meal-style


How much food you need may depend on your meal style, duration of the event, etc. Are you planning a buffet or a plated dinner? How long will the event last? If it is a short duration event, people will eat less food.


On the other hand, how much food people will consume could depend on how you serve the food. For instance, people are likely to take more food when they serve themselves.


2. Plan your menu wisely


When planning your menu, you have a lot to consider in terms of quantity. First of all, consider if it’s a lunch or dinner, or an evening tea party. If you don’t have a main entrée, then consider serving more variety of appetizers.


On the other hand, when planning for lunch or dinner, two or three types of appetizers would suffice. For a lunch, the main dish should weigh around 150 grams. For a dinner, a single serving size of around 160 grams should be enough.


3. Require registration


If possible, have your guests register for your event. During registration, they should mention what specific meals they’d like to attend. For instance, some guests may sign up for dinner only.


Also, contact every registered guest a few days before the event to confirm if they are coming. That way, you’ll able to make a more accurate estimate of the attendance and plan your food catering accordingly.