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3 More Tips to Show Appreciation to Your Favorite Caterer

If cooking great foods is an art, your favorite chef is an artist. The same is true for those who decorate or serve foods for a halal catering company. And you know what makes their day? A little appreciation from you!

In our previous article, we already mentioned a few ways to show appreciation to your favorite halal food catering service provider. Here are a few more ways.

1. Hire them again

Your action speaks louder than your words. Sending a thank-you note and all are great, but nothing shows your appreciation as much as giving them repeat orders. Maybe you hired them for a wedding party and they blew your mind with their service and food quality. So, why not hire them again for a birthday party or corporate event. Repeat orders go a long way to show your favorite caterer that you really like their work.

2. Pay a little Extra

Catering agreements typically proceed with some mutually agreed upon payment in advance, while rest of the payment is done later upon completion of the work. However, you can always show your satisfaction by paying them a little more than what you owe them. A bonus will motivate them to do an even better job the next time you’ll hire them.

3. Be generous with the Staff

A halal catering service is nothing without the people that work for them. Make sure to enjoy the help and support from staff but also appreciate them by paying tips, if the company allows that. Many of the service sector employees are not allowed to accept tips, so it is important to confirm that beforehand. You can tip your favorite staff members during or after the event. Another good idea would be to encourage your guests to support or tip the staff members with an open heart.