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3 Popular Catering Terms Decoded

Some catering terms could make you stop and think what exactly they mean! For instance, most people wouldn’t know that “minimum Pax” means minimum order, until they’d think through it.


That’s exactly why you should get familiar with some of these terms. We have decoded some commonly confused catering terms that you must know before you book halal catering in Singapore.


1. Full Set-up Buffet

Full set-up means your caterer will take care of the onsite arrangement of foods and décor. They will provide table decoration service and offer skirting or tablecloths.


In addition, they’ll bring warming oven, chafing dishes and deep dried dishes to keep the food warm for a long time. Full setup buffet means the food will be served in real dishes as opposed to disposable wares. Some caterers also provide full staffing and clean-up services.


2. Mini Buffet or Drop-off buffet

As the term suggests this type of buffet catering offers foods and disposables, but doesn’t provide staffing and clean-up services. Mini buffet is more cost effective than full buffet. In fact, mini buffet is ideal for small parties with around 30 or 40 guests.


The buffet usually comes with 10 to 12 courses of food. For instance, our Supreme Buffet Menu offers either 12 or 13 courses, including rice, noodle, meat, seafood, fish, vegetables, and dum sum, to name but a few.


If you want you can order bio-degradable wares at an additional $1.00/pax.


3. Per Pax Price

This is a caterer’s way of saying price per guest. This pricing model helps you add or adjust orders based on the total head count. Often, you won’t know the exact number of guests to your event until the last minute.


So, the per pax price helps you amend your buffet order at the eleventh hour. For instance, at Continental Delight – we allow you to make changes to your buffet order two days prior to the event day.