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3 Qualities of a Good Singapore Caterer

Singapore has a rich business culture and a flourishing tourism and hospitality sector, which means the standards for caterers and event management companies are pretty high. That, however, doesn’t mean that you can hire any halal catering company for your event. You should still do your own research and comparisons before choosing a halal food catering service provider in Singapore. But how will you identify a good caterer from a bad one? Here are the top 3 qualities to look for.

1. Top-notch food and drinks

There are so many dimensions to catering that often the point about food gets lost. Good caterers are food connoisseurs that are constantly onboarding and collaborating with experts and evolving in terms of taste. They have both testimonials and word-of-mouth to prove it. Remember to conduct a little research to know about how long they have been in business and their present clients.

2. Creativity

Good caterers have options in terms of food options and packages for different budgets and event types. Continental Delight has as many as 10 options for buffet menus, allowing you to choose according to your budget, food preferences, and event size.

Considering the large Muslim population in Singapore, most of the good caterers in Singapore are halal-certified. Most of them are also capable of meeting any special dietary requirements of their clients. Good caterers often offer healthier menus and advanced features like food stands and bento boxes.

3. Regard for food safety

You do not want you attendees to fall sick after the event because of contamination. So choose a caterer that makes food safety their priority. A good halal food catering company asks for the food to be consumed within a couple of hours of its arrival. They also have a team of qualified staffers to handle larger events. And if they have certifications like the HACCP and bizSAFE3 for their kitchen, you can be assured about food safety.