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3 Questions To Ask Your Caterer During Food Tasting

Taste testing gives you the peace of mind that your halal food catering is in safe hands. But you can make this session even more fruitful by asking some important questions to your caterer. In fact, a food tasting session is a great opportunity for you to initiate a meaningful conversation with your caterer. So what questions should you ask during food tasting. Here are three examples.

1. How do you deal with dietary restrictions?

The purpose of this question is to know what options the caterer has for any guests with dietary restrictions. For instance, some of your guests could be prefer vegetarian dishes or gluten-free menus. Even if your caterer assures enough options for everyone, don’t stop your queries until you know exactly what alternatives they have for each type of dietary restriction. Another follow-up question to that could be whether they charge anything extra for those options.

2. What menus do you specialize in?

Just because your caterer offers 50 different dishes doesn’t mean they specialize in everything. Every caterer has some special dishes. Maybe their chef is well-known for cooking Hong Kong style fried noodle or Indian style tandoor baked mala chicken. Whatever it is that they specialize in should be your first priority. It is always wise to first ask them what they would like to make rather than disclosing your preferences at the outset.

3. What food service style do you recommend?

Choosing the right meal style for your event could be confusing. So asking your caterer to suggest a meal style can go a long way to make your event a success. For instance, buffet dinners are great for semi-formal or causal events, while plated meals are perfect for formal events. Your caterer can give you suggestions depending on your event type, number of guests and budget. So always ask this question to your halal food catering company during the food tasting session.