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3 Reasons to Hire Halal Catering for Your Next Event

Did you know the word “halal” means lawful in Arabic? 

Simply put, halal foods are the types of foods that Muslims are allowed to eat as per their religious beliefs. So if your event caters to a large number of Muslim guests, it could be an obvious reason for hiring halal food catering Singapore. But that’s not the only reason. Even some non-Muslims prefer halal foods for a number of reasons. Here are the three major reasons you should consider halal catering for your next event.   

1. Tastier food

Halal meat is free from any blood-borne disease, bacterium, or virus, thanks to the slaughtering technique used for getting the halal meat. After the slaughtering of an animal, the blood of the animal is completely drained out. As a result, you get fresh and pure meat devoid of any impurities in their blood.

2. More ethical way of slaughtering

The halal way killing an animal is considered more ethical among Muslims. It aims to reduce the pain and suffering at the time of slaughtering by making the process quicker and less cruel. Think about it this way. Choosing to hire halal food catering services is a great way to support a more ethical and less cruel method of animal slaughtering, without having to sacrifice the pleasure of eating pure and tasty meat.

3. More hygienic food

There are some set rules for preparing halal foods. Those rules or methods make the halal catering recipes way more hygienic and safer than other dishes. For instance, only certain grass-fed animals qualify for halal slaughtering. A certified halal food catering company will never serve pork meat or meat from dead animals. These rules and safety standards help ensure safer and more hygienic foods from halal caterers.