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3 Small Changes That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Catered Event

When it comes to hosting an event – whether formal or causal – most people nowadays hire a caterer. That’s a good first step. But there’s more to hosting an event than just securing a halal food catering company.

As a host, you can work with your caterer to make some important decisions together. Most catering companies have a set system to make arrangements for an event. Your inputs can help them make some changes to the system. For instance, here are 3 small changes that can go a long way to make your next event more organized and cost-saving.

1. Create a traffic layout

Visit the event venue with your caterer and create a layout for sitting arrangements or buffet tables. Certain areas are prone to getting overcrowded. For instance, if you are hosting seated-meals, the entrance of your food serving area could get the most traffic. In case of a buffet, you can expect a heavy traffic near the dishes. One good idea would be to keep enough distance between your drinks table and food tables. That way, you can distribute the traffic across your venue.

2. Keep your guests engaged

Just serving great foods to your guests may not suffice. Your event should have something ongoing to keep your guests engaged. For instance, you can set up a live food station, so your guests can have something to watch. Alternatively, you can have your guests participate in a game. Activities like this can make your event memorable for a long time.

3. Follow a schedule

Often, chaos happens when your guests don’t have enough activities to participate in. Allow your guests enough time to eat, but make sure they have many other things to do rather than simply eating. Create a timeline for each activity, so your guests know what exactly they want to do next. That way, it is easier for you to avoid chaos in your event.