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3 Tips for Hosting a High Tea Party

Did you know that the tradition of high tea dates back to the early 19th century? Traditionally, high tea would be served to the 19th century British workers after work at a “high” dining table, hence the name high tea. Over the years, however, the meaning of the phrase has changed. Now it refers to any type of afternoon tea party. If you are planning to hire halal food catering for your next tea party, here are some tips for you.

1. Decide between formal and causal

Before you choose a venue or book halal catering, define your preferred party style. For instance, if you are planning a formal party with business colleagues; it might be a good idea to send them formal invitation cards. On the other hand, simply calling your friends over phone would suffice for a causal tea party. Most other decisions, including what to wear to the party and what menu options to choose, would depend on the nature and theme of your event.

2. Consider table decorations  

Just because you’re throwing a tea party doesn’t mean you can skip the decoration. Some basic things you’d need for the decoration are a table, an attractive-looking table cloth, a cake stand, a set of crockery items, including cups, dishes, plates, and saucers. Ask your halal food catering services whether they provide tableware and table arrangement services for an extra fee. You can also consider using flowers for the decoration. For instance, place a large flower bouquet in the center of your tea table.

3. Know the serving etiquette

You don’t have to follow all etiquette rules, but your guests might expect that you follow at least the most common ones. For instance, you should place the teapot to the right of your saucers and teacups. That way, pouring the tea onto the teacup would be easier. You can also consider hiring trained servers for your tea party.