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3 Tips for Last-minute Party Planning

If you’re late on your party planning, don’t panic. Just because you’re starting late doesn’t mean you cannot finish well. It is possible to plan a great party even at the eleventh hour, without you having to throw a Hail Mary pass.

However, last-minute party planning might require a different strategy. For instance, when booking halal food catering services for your event, you should check if the vendor also provides serving staff and table arrangement services. There are many other ways to put your party planning on a fast track. Here are some tips.

1. Set a budget

When you are in a hurry to make decisions, mistakes happen. For instance, you can overspend on venue bookings or catering. The solution to this is having a budget. Granted, you’ll not get those early bird discounts any more, but you should still set a budget and stick to it.

2. Be flexible with dates

By now, most of your favorite venues and halal catering companies are probably booked, especially on Sundays and Saturdays. Even if you decide to hold your party on week days, choose wisely. Acclaimed caterers are highly in demand on Fridays and Thursdays. So chances are that some of them will be available from Monday through Wednesday. Their rates may vary on different dates. So keep these things in mind when picking a date for your event.

3. Be realistic with your menu options

When you are short on time, your halal food catering company may impose you certain limitations on what menu options would be available. So you should plan your menu accordingly. Ideally, foods made of seasonal ingredients should be available at a short notice. Try to make sure you are not ordering foods that require imported ingredients or special arrangements. Another good idea would be to ask your caterer what foods are available and then order from that list.