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3 Tips for Planning a Catered New Year Party

New Year party is so much to look forward to, especially after the Christmas just went by. From our years of experience as a halal food catering services provider in Singapore, we noticed a New Year party’s success depends on a few things. Here are 3 basic yet very important tips to plan a catered New Year party.

1. Music

Perhaps we can all agree that music adds life to any party. One good thing about selecting music for a New Year party is this. A New Year party is more open to music opportunities than a Christmas party, because of a wide range of genres you could include. Ideally, you should your list of songs for a New Year party should have a few popular tracks from all genres. This helps to make sure everyone can find a song to listen to and dance. And do not forget to get music requests and dedications from the audience!

2. Food

The importance of serving great foods in your New Year party cannot be stressed enough. Food is the only thing people tend to remember after the party is over. So make sure you get enough food options for everyone, and be generous. When choosing your halal food catering, check whether they offer an wide variety of menu options. It is always a good idea to choose dishes made from seasonal vegetables or locally sources ingredients. So, check if your caterer offers those options.

3. People

The most important factor to make a party hit is the people who are attending. Make sure to invite the most exquisite people in circle who will surely make themselves available to make the party successful. Sometimes the people in your own circle may not be enough, try contacting some external personalities like a stand-up comedian, a good disk jockey or at the very basic level a good conversation maker.