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3 Tips to Reduce Food Waste at Catered Events

Alarming but true! Singapore has seen a 20% increase in food waste over the past 10 years. Of course, we cannot blame it all on our halal food catering services.

But from our experience, we found hosts often order more foods than they need. While ordering just enough food is important, it is not the only solution. So, how should you go about reducing food waste at your next catered event? Here are some tips.


1. Maintain a waste log


If you often organize events and conferences, it would be a good idea to keep a record of your left-over foods. Have someone keep a waste log at every event.

That way, you can compare how much you ordered vs. how much consumed. Once you know your past consumption and food-waste data, it would be easier for you to plan accordingly for your next event.

Also, keep track of your attendance data. For instance, write down how many guests you invited and how many of them actually turned up.


2. Repurpose leftovers


As much as you want, ordering just enough food might not be possible. So, have a backup plan ready. Think about how you can repurpose any leftover foods.

For instance, you can take the leftover vegetables from one day and use them to make delicious soups the next day. Similarly, you can use up the leftover bread for making French toasts or bread crumbs.


3. Use small plates


If you are planning to organize a buffet, consider using smaller plates. That way, your guests will not over-serve themselves. Often, guests would overestimate their eating capacity, and serve more food than they can eat.

This often leads to food wastage. In order to avoid this, you should use smaller plates that look full in smaller portion sizes. Eventually, this would help reduce food wastage at your catered event.