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3 Tips to Reduce Your Catering Costs without Sacrificing Quality

Typically, catering costs account for around 40-50% of your total budget for hosting an event. No wonder, people leave no stone unturned to lower their catering costs.

Remember, however, that good quality catering comes at a premium price. Looking for a “cheap” caterer isn’t the solution. Instead, learn the below tips on how to reduce your catering costs without sacrificing quality. 

1. Choose buffet over plated meals

A catered buffet is more cost effective than a sit-down dinner. First of all, a buffet requires fewer servers. Secondly, it allows your guests to choose what and how much they want to eat, which helps reduce your food wastage. So a buffet will help you save on both counts – food and service. If you want to lower your costs even further, simply allow self-service. Let your guests serve themselves. They’ll enjoy the freedom. Meanwhile, you save more on your serving costs.

2. Focus on presentation

How you present a food item to your guests can make a lot of difference in their dining experience. Look for a halal food catering company that not only prepares scrumptious meals but presents them aesthetically. If your presentation is good, you can even get away with small tapas-style plates. Guests usually choose a portion size that suits their plate size. Smaller plates mean that they’ll pick smaller portions. This helps reduce food wastage and eventually lowers your catering bill.

3. Look for package deals

One way to save money on your halal catering is by ordering a pre-selected menu package of your caterer. Acclaimed caterers usually offer their menu packages at a discounted rate. For instance, we at Continental Delight offer Value Buffet Menu 1, which includes 8 courses and costs $9.80 per pax for a minimum order of 50 pax. It is also a good idea to rent your tableware, skirting or table cloth from the same caterer, for a discounted rate.