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3 Tips to Show Appreciation to Your Favorite Caterer

It often happens when the food we eat touches our soul that we actually want to go the chef and appreciate him. As a host, you can do the same for your halal food catering company. If they serve great foods to your guests, it actually helps improve your reputation as a host. In return you must say, “Thank you,” to your caterer. But the question is – How? So, here are 3 ways to show appreciation to your favorite caterer.

1. Write a thank-you note

Take a piece of paper or a fancy card and start writing the exact words that come into your mind. One way to make your thank-you note more appealing is by being more specific in your writing. For instance, mention the names of staff members who really impressed you with their behavior or service. You can also mention your favorite dishes and why you liked them. You can hand over the thank-you card right away or deliver it afterwards via email or direct mail.

2. Give them rave reviews

Another way to convey your appreciation is by dropping a good review online. You can write an email, mentioning what you particularly liked about them. Most halal catering services in Singapore have a website where they proudly post positive customer reviews for others to see. So, they would love to get a positive review from you. Also, give them the permission to post your review online.

3. Tell other people

The good, old word-of-mouth publicity still makes the most impact. This is the most helpful thing you can do for your favorite caterer. Share your positive experience with friends, family and colleagues. Often, we have no idea how many people are looking for a good, reliable halal food catering company. Your words can help them find one, while also helping your caterer get some new clients.