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3 more Tips to Reduce Your Catering Costs

Just because you’ve a limited budget doesn’t mean you cannot give your guests a great dining experience. It is possible to cut down your catering costs, without compromising on the quality of your foods and catering service. We shared some tips in a previous article. Here are some tips. 

1. Keep the menu short and simple

You don’t want to confuse your guests with hundreds of dishes. Depending on the occasion and nature of your event, choose a menu that includes anywhere between five to 20 courses. This not only saves your money but also makes it easier for your guests to choose what items they want to eat. Also, when you choose simple dishes that don’t require hard-to-find ingredients, you are more likely to get better deals from your caterer.

2. Serve tea/coffee onsite

Your guests may request a cup of hot tea or coffee several times during the course of the event. So it is always a good idea to include tea and coffee to your menu package. Ordering tea from a different vendor will cost you more. Make sure your halal food catering services also offer tea, coffee and other beverages.

3. Set up a desert station

If you want to reduce your halal catering costs, you should ideally choose a buffet over a plated dinner. A buffet not only saves money but encourages your guests to interact with each other. However, we understand that a buffet is not a great-fit for every occasion. If you choose to opt for plated meals, you should at least make a separate station for deserts. Alternatively, you can set up a themed food station, such as, Thai food station or Indian food station. It may sound counterintuitive but a separate food station helps you save more on your main courses. That’s because your guests will be busy socializing with each other and eat a lot of deserts in the process. They’ll come to the dinner table less hungry and will consume less food.