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4 More Catering Terms Decoded

Every industry has its lingo; catering in no exception. As an industry outsider, you don’t have to know each jargon when booking halal food catering. However, knowing the meaning of some popular terms is critical to making informed decisions.


We decoded a few popular terms in the previous article. Here are four more catering terms decoded.


1. Live Station

This simply means a live cooking station. So, the caterer will set up the cooking station and bring a chef who will cook live on site.


Adding a live station to your event venue is a great way to keep your guests engaged and entertained.


2. DIY station

This station is for your guests to serve themselves. This gives them the flexibility to choose what they want to eat and how much.


For instance, one guest may choose to have tomato istimewa rice with wok fried diced kong bao chicken and oven baked teriyaki fish fillet.


3. Bento

The word “bento” originally means convenience. So, a bento box usually comes with a few compartments for holding different food items. Your halal catering company packs the bento boxes with your chosen items and delivers the boxes to your venue.


You’ll find many different packages. For instance, we offer 1) Healthier Deluxe Bento, and 2) Healthier Premium Bento. The pricing and minimum order requirements vary depending on what package you choose.


4.  Asian Fusion

The term refers to dishes made by combining various Asian recipes, ingredients and cooking styles. The idea is to allow the chef more creative freedom to experiment with different cooking styles, so that they can prepare a unique recipe.


At Continental Delight, we offer an assortment of Asian fusion dishes, such as tempura prawn with mango mayo dip, oven baked chicken cordon bleu topped with homemade herb sauce & pistachio nut and wok fried broccoli topped with trio mushroom, wolfberries and egg white sauce.