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4 Tips for Choosing Your High Tea Catering Menu

Whether you are planning to host a birthday party or a casual get-together with friends and relatives, an afternoon tea party sets up the right environment for your event. However, pulling off a successful tea party isn’t as easy as it might seem. Even when you hire halal food catering for the job, you need to tell them your preferences and requirements. Here are some tips for high tea catering.

1. Start with finger foods

You don’t need to serve a full-course meal on your tea party, but it’s always a good idea to have enough variety in your menu options. Whatever your menu looks like, make sure it has some finger foods as appetizers. For instance, you can serve cheese finger sandwich, assorted finger sandwich or tangy coleslaw.

2. Include some savories

Another must-have item in your high tea menu is savory dishes. Most halal catering companies would offer lighter savory cakes, such as, the fried yam cake. Other popular savory options include fried sesame balls, fish balls, seasoned cheese and nuts. At Continental Delight, we also offer Chicken Ngoh Hiang and Mini Potato Samosa.

3. Offer enough cakes and beverages

Your high tea catering menu should also include some sweets and beverages. Instead of traditional sweets like scones, you can offer some cupcakes and sponge cakes. For instance, Continental Delight offers different types of cakes and muffins, such as, slice chocolate rolls, sliced marble cakes, assorted Swiss rolls and mini banana muffins. As for beverages, keep at least three different varieties. In addition to sweets and beverages, you can also consider offering desserts, steamed Dim Sum items, such as, steamed chicken dishes and steamed yam cake with sweet sauce.

4. Don’t forget the tea

It’s a tea party, after all. But too much food can shift the focus away from where it should be. Make sure you offer different flavors of tea. If you serve mainly strong flavored foods, consider offering bold teas with them. On the other hand, serve mild teas, such as, herbal teas or green teas with healthier, less-spicy foods.