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4 Tips for Planning Your Buffet Catering Menu

If you are planning to host a casual event, for instance, a wedding reception or a holiday party; buffet catering would be a great option. A buffet allows your guests to move around and socialize and gives them more control over what and how much they want to eat. Of course, you should start by hiring an acclaimed halal food catering Singapore. But that’s only the first step. Here are some tips on how to plan your buffet menu.

1. Know your guest profile  

When choosing a menu for your buffet, consider your guest profile. If most of your guests are from a certain age group, you should choose foods they might like. However, make sure the menu has something for everyone. For instance, if most of your guests are young, you should consider including more spicy foods. But you should still include some milder dishes for the older guests.

2. Consider dietary restrictions

Some of your guests may have allergies or dietary restrictions. For instance, your Muslim guests may require halal catering, while your vegetarian guests would need pure veg foods. Your job is to keep note of these special requirements and inform your caterer well in advance.

3. Pick a theme

Planning your menu around a theme gives you a sense of direction. It also makes the planning easier. For instance, we, at Continental Delight, offer Asian Fusion buffets, which feature some of the top Asian recipes, such as, Japanese Fried Gyoza, Thai Mango Salad, and Double Boiled Wen Chang Boneless Chicken with Herb & Spices, among others.

4. Plan within your budget

The pricing of a buffet catering menu usually depends on the number of courses included and the minimum order requirement. You should choose a menu option that suits your budget. But make sure that the menu covers everything from appetizers, to entrées, desserts and drinks.