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Finding a Singapore Wedding Caterer in the Time of COVID-19

Did you know that the Singapore government issued certain advisory guidelines for wedding organizers in March, 2020 in light of the COVID-19 situation? According to a report by Today, event organizers should use a contactless thermometer to take the temperature of guests before entry to the event venue. In addition, organizers should keep a record of the guests attending an event and ensure social distancing in seating arrangements. So what does that mean for you as a host looking for a halal food catering service in Singapore?

Simply put, you should find a wedding caterer that follows the government guidelines when preparing or serving food. So here are some tips to zero in on the right Singapore wedding caterer in the time of COVID-19.

Consider food safety

The first thing to check is if the caterer has stringent food safety policies. For instance, it is always a good idea to hire a HACCP and bizSAFE3 certified caterer. Also check if the company complies with National Environment Agency (NEA) guidelines for serving catered meals.

Conduct a thorough background check

You want to book a caterer that has years of experience at handling the food-side of wedding events. Just hiring a generalist caterer may not work. If possible, read their online reviews and talk to some of their past clients to get a clear picture of their service quality. You can even visit their kitchen area to get a firsthand experience of their food hygiene practices.

Consider dietary restrictions

Not all you guests have the same food preferences or restrictions. So you need to make sure that your wedding caterer offers something for everyone. For instance, your Muslim guests may look for halal meat, while your veggie guests may ask for pure vegetarian dishes. It is important to check with your halal food catering service provider if they can cater to all the dietary needs of your guests.