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Food Catering Tips for Planning a Vegetarian Menu

Just because you’ve booked halal food catering services doesn’t mean your options for vegetarian menu are limited. Most halal caterers in Singapore offer a wide variety of vegan dishes. In the previous article, we talked about some of the popular vegan food types. In this article, you’ll learn some tips on how to plan a five-course vegan dinner. So let’s dive right in.


A five-course vegan meal should start with appetizers. Salads and fruits are a staple in this section. In addition, consider including some light snacks, such as, vegetarian spring rolls, spicy potato snacks, bindi masala or a dairy-free white bean soup. Make sure the appetizers not just taste delicious but also look good.


This the main course of the meal. So consider planning heavy meals in this section. If most of your vegan guests come from the Chinese origin, you can plan fried vegetarian bee hoon, sweet and sour mock meats and Hong Kong noodles. For Indian vegetarians, the main course could include seasonal vegetable curry, and traditional Indian dishes, such as aloo matar or rajma chawal. You can also plan some tofu or mushroom dishes as they can be made to look and taste similar to meat dishes. For instance, consider including broccoli and mushroom with Dou Gen.


The five-course vegan meal should also include some sweet stuff. For instance, plan some dairy-free desserts in this section. Your options could be honey dew sago, chocolate tofu brownie, etc.


Vegetarians usually don’t have many restrictions when it comes to beverages. So you have a lot of options, such as fruit punch, barley cordial, and orange cordial. When it comes to beverages, vegans are more concerned about how it was made and less about what it is made of.

Side dishes

You should also serve some side dishes, such as vegetarian Gyoza with spicy dipping sauce or chop suey made with mixed vegetables.