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Food Catering Tips to Impress Your Corporate Guests

If you do what others are doing, it’s NOT impressive.

Chances are your corporate guests attend multiple events all year round, but most events give them an almost similar experience. Same old menus, same old décor, same old theme! So what can you do to make your event stand out?

Often, all you need to impress your guests is a little innovation. Just hiring the best halal food catering service in your city isn’t enough. You should also know your guests’ preferences, anticipate their special needs and plan your food catering accordingly. Here are some catering tips to impress your corporate guests.

1. Decide on the theme

First things first, choose a unique theme for your corporate party. A theme gives you the necessary foundation on which you can plan everything, starting from your menu to the dress code of your service staff.

2. Get creative with table decoration

Once you have a theme, now complement it with creative table decoration. One thing that makes your table backdrop instantly noticeable is the color of your skirting or table cloth. Ask your halal food catering service provider if they can provide your preferred skirting color to suit your event's theme. Keep in mind the fact that people nowadays love to take pictures and post them on social media. If you can make your table décor Instagram-worthy, you win.

3. Consider food art

If you want to go the extra mile to impress your corporate guests, think beyond gastronomic experience. Of course, your foods need to be tasty. But if you can make them spectacular as well, nothing like that. Designer foods are all the rage these days. The idea is to let your guests feast with their eyes before they actually eat the food. For instance, consider carving your company logo on chocolate cakes. Or maybe create beautifully carved fruits or sweet treats.