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How to Go about Planning an Unforgettable Wedding Menu

Planning a wedding menu is simple; planning an unforgettable one isn’t.

If you want people to remember the sips and plates at your wedding for years, you need to think beyond the obvious.

Ideally, planning your wedding menu should almost always start with booking an acclaimed halal food catering services Singapore. Good caterers are in high demand during wedding seasons. So book your halal food catering early – at least six months in advance.

Here are some more tips and ideas for planning a perfect wedding menu.

1. Finalize your guest list

Before you start selecting the menu, decide on the head count. Do you want to trim your guest list in order to increase your budget per meal? Or would you prefer cutting down the per-meal-budget, so you can invite more people? Find out where you stand on these questions and finalize your guest list.

2. Consider dietary restrictions

Some of your guests could be pure vegetarians; some may have seafood allergies. You could also have a good number of Muslim guests preferring halal food catering. The point is; you need to keep you caterer informed about any dietary restrictions well in advance, so they can plan accordingly. Ideally, your wedding menu should have something for everyone.

3. Create a custom menu

Most caterers have a few standard wedding menu options. But you don’t need to choose from their standard options. You can mix and match food items from different their menu options to create your custom menu. Some caterers even allow you to request a special dish. If any special food or recipe speaks to you and your fiancé on an emotional level, go ahead and request your caterer to include it. They may give you practical ideas and suggestions about how and when to serve that special dish during the event.

There are more steps to planning an unforgettable wedding menu. We’ll cover them in the next article.