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How to Plan Your Holiday Party on a Budget

You want to throw a memorable holiday party, but your bank balance isn’t giving you the green light. Don’t worry. Just because you’ve a tight budget doesn’t mean you need to compromise your holiday get-together. With a little planning, you can pull off your halal food catering Singapore at a fraction of the cost. Here are some ideas on how to go about planning your holiday party on a budget.

1. Edit your guest list

You don’t want to go lean and mean, but you don’t want to go over your budget either. So set a rule. For instance, one rule could be skipping those who were not in touch with you for the past six months. Or if you are planning a party with office colleagues, you may want to skip their kids and families. One good idea would be to create two lists. In list-A, include everyone you want to invite, while list-B should have only the most important ones. Now ask your halal catering to give an estimate for each list. Choose the one that suits your budget.

2. Limit your decorations

Sure you need to decorate your party venue to create a festive mood, but don’t go overboard. One good idea would be to choose a venue that would require minimum makeover. Make a list of essential decorating items. For instance, your list of essentials may include Christmas trees, flowers, garlands, and string lights. Try to spend little on decorating items and lean more on your creativity for the holiday decoration.

3. Get the early booking advantage

Event venues and caterers are highly in demand during the holiday season. So it would be a good idea to book your venue and halal catering company at least three months ahead of time. Booking early helps you land a cheap deal. If you want to save more, consider scheduling your party on a less-sought-after weekday.