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Menu Selection Tips for Corporate Events

Not all corporate events are created equal. Some events are more formal and black-tie type, while others are a little casual and laid-back. It’s important that you align the menu selection with the theme and nature of your corporate event. To that end, you should hire an acclaimed halal food catering company that offers a wide variety of menu options to choose from. Need help selecting a menu for your corporate event? Don’t know the rules of the game? Here are some tips to guarantee a successful event.

Don’t cut costs on the food.

Business meetings, conferences, and summits are at the center of a solid corporate strategy. They provide excellent opportunities to network, and most importantly, showcase your company’s work. If you’re serving up a great portfolio of work to a client, it only makes sense to present it with a great selection of food. The only time you’ll get away with $1 burgers is if you’re pitching to Maurice McDonald!

Take good note of allergies, intolerances, and religious preferences.

This may seem like an obvious point, but taking note of food allergies is a must.Recent studies claim that shellfish allergies are among the “most prevalent (allergies) in Singapore”, and that “hypersensitivity to peanuts is on the rise”. It is, therefore, important to take this into account when serving food at an event. There is nothing more damaging to the success of a corporate conference than sending your guests crawling for the hospital. Similarly, there was recently a case where a business owned predominantly by Muslims was incorrectly serviced. All because the event did not hire halal food catering services.

Therefore, if you are planning to table-serve dishes, ensure you ask guests prior to the event what their specific dietary requirements are. The other way to get around this is by simply offering a buffet where all ingredients are listed next to each dish. Make sure you include both vegetarian and halal catering options.