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Reasons You Should Invest in Catered Team Lunches

Often, lunch breaks are seen as a kryptonite for productivity at work. Employees would often skip their lunch. And their bosses would give them a pat on the back for doing that.


In truth, a lunch break is a great opportunity to establish team bonding. Smart employers would encourage longer lunch breaks and may even sponsor the lunch for their employees.


But before you book halal food catering services for team lunches, let’s tackle the skeptic in you. Here are some reasons why investing in catered team lunches is a great idea!


1. It improves productivity

Working nonstop is a recipe for burnout. Just because someone is working constantly for hours doesn’t mean they are being productive. In fact, studies show that you can work at your optimal level only for a few hours. After that, it’s a story of diminishing returns.


Don’t worry though! Your employees can recuperate from the low-energy state fairly quickly after a short break. An hour-long lunch break should suffice to get them back on track to perform at their optimal level.


2. It boosts employee morale

If anything, buying lunch for your team will portray you as someone who cares for their team members. It’s a great way to show appreciation to your team for the hard work they put day in and day out.


Most importantly, it will boost your team’s morale. Nobody buys you a lunch unless they value you and your contributions to the team.  


3. It helps avoid distractions

Let’s face it. We spend a lot of time deciding on trivial things like what to wear to work, what to eat, etc. When you buy lunch for your employees, you actually save their time and energy on deciding what or where to eat.


Simply order lunch from your favorite halal food catering services provider in Singapore and get the food delivered on-site. That way, your employees won’t have the leave the office for lunch and get distracted in the process.